Our Tradesmen can provide a wide range of lead roofing services including, flashings, valleys, cladding, Lead Bay Roofing etc.


Leads malleable nature has meant that is it an excellent and extremely useful material in roofing. However, its takes patience, feel and no little skill to install correctly. Lead bossing is a dying trade but our skilled staff understand the importance of carrying it out correctly and neatly.

Lead Bays & Gullys

Sheet Lead work is a popular option on traditional as well as modern properties. It combines long life expectancy with satisfying appearance. Our staff understand the nature of lead and the way it reacts to seasonal climate changes. Also more importantly how to allow the lead to expand and contract whilst obviously remaining 100% watertight.

Lead Window Repair

Here we were called to a property where a lead bay window was victim of attempted theft. The window was sympathetically repaired whilst staying in budget.


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